Kulea Consulting is a national specialized business consultancy focused on the development of enterprises. Our core areas lead by industry specialists include:

The consultancy is positioned as a partner to economic development programs in the Southern Africa Region both corporate and public sector lead initiatives. As an organization we will bring together the best support team to address your company needs.

Assessment Methodology

The organization applies various methodologies for each of its interventions.

On assessments the company adopts a world standard engagement process of assessing the business then matching resources to address critical issues. All engagements take place on site and priorities are based on highest impact
interventions. Quality standards are assured through an internal panel assessment and debriefing process. All clients are assessed on the following: Legal compliance; Financial viability; Operational excellence; Human Resources and organizational effectiveness; Sales, Marketing and Supply Chain, Environment impact. These are viewed at a strategic and operation level.

Based on the issues identified, the appropriate solutions and desired outcomes are defined, quantified and relevant solutions implemented. The teams are assembled as per the respective projects and are able to execute projects both regionally and nationally.

Raising Finance Methodology

The company has relationships with over sixteen Banking institutions, funders, donors and venture capital sources. Each has set criteria for funding. For this reason Kulea applies the following methodology that follows after a signed contractual agreement between the owner and Kulea: